40th Reunion Wrap Up

The Aquinas Class of 77 40th reunion is over.  If you attended we hope you enjoyed visiting with your fellow classmates.  If you were unable to attend check the Reunion Photos link to see who was there and what you missed. 

We are asking for one last housekeeping item.  Please complete the survey.  We want your feedback, whether you attended or not.  Your thoughts are important for planning the next reunion. 

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1)   Did You attend any of the 40th Reunion functions?

Yes No
2)   If you attended one or more events please check all that apply.

  Friday - Bluffside
  Saturyday Golf - Forest Hills
  Saturday Class Mass - Aquinas High School
  Saturday School Tour - Aquinas High School
  Saturday Evening Waterfront Restaurant
3)   Please tell us what you thought about Friday at the Bluffside. Check all that apply

  Had a good time
  It was ok
  Good Location
  Location could have been better
4)   Saturday Golf, Please tell us what you thought.

  Yes I golfed.
  I would like to golf at the next reunion
  I would have golfed if 9 holes were an option
  Not a golfer
5)   Please tell us what you thought about Saturday's Class Mass

  Good idea do it again
  Not interested in attending mass
6)   Please tell us what you thought about Saturday's school tour

  Enjoyed the tour.
  Didn't need to live through that again.
7)   Please tell us what you thought about the Saturday Reception at the Waterfront. Check all that apply.

  Food and service was good.
  Food and service was not so good
  Price was reasonable
  Good Choice
  Didn't like the Waterfront
8)   Future reunions - What do you think?

  Have a reunion every 5 years
  Continue with the current Friday and Saturday format
  One day, Friday or Saturday with rsvp, dinner & cost
  One day, pick a location, no rsvp, no cost - just visit
  I am not interested in attending reunions
9)   Please give us your suggestions for future reunions. What would you want to see added and what not to do.

10)   If you didn't attend the reunion(s) what could be done for you to consider the next one?

11)   Are you interested on helping with the next reunion?