45 Yr Wrap up

Hi All,

We had a successful 45-year reunion. Three days of fun and
reminiscing. I plan on making the 50 th reunion even better. But why
wait five more years to celebrate. During the next 5 years lets
continue to celebrate with our classmates and friends. Join us for
lunches every second Friday of the month. Watch your emails for
locations. There may be a surprise visitor or two. 
Update your page on this site. Add pictures. Let us know if you have ideas for the website. We have a great class. Don’t let anyone say otherwise. We may do an informal reunion in year 46, 47, 48, 49.

A shout out goes out to several of our classmates who donated
time and dollars to make this reunion such a success.

If you are in town visiting let us know.

Your friend and classmate
Paul Bruha 608-317-4254