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04/20/17 09:03 PM #1    

Ann Pearse (Linhart)

'77 classmates – we need your help!

The deadline to confirm our venue is fast approaching & response to date has been light. Please RSVP by May 15th so we have a pulse on your interest for Friday & Saturday events. If you can’t make it, please just let us know!

Saturday evening hinges on a minimum of 75 people or we may need to opt for a casual afternoon gathering.  Any insights or ideas are welcome so please reach out.


04/21/17 11:20 AM #2    

Elizabeth (Betsy) Schaettle (Olson)

I will not be able to attend. I have a family function to attend. Have a great time!


Betsy Schaettle Olson

04/21/17 04:30 PM #3    


Thu Thuy Ky (Havlik)

Hi everyone,   

Joe and I would love to attend the reunion. See you guys soon.


Thu Thuy (Ky) Havlik

04/22/17 08:19 AM #4    


Allan (Al) Pahl

It looks like I will be unable to attend. Have a great time. Wishing all of you all the best.

04/22/17 08:35 AM #5    

Priscilla Brindley

Sorry I won't be abe to make it; have fun everyone. Priscilla


04/22/17 10:31 AM #6    

Kitty Robers (Saja)

Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend either.  We will be traveling at the time.  I cannot believe it has been 40 years!  How can that be when we are all only 29??!!  Hope everyone has a great time! 

04/23/17 11:17 AM #7    

Kathryn Kaldunski (Tortorice)

Sorry I won't be able to attend, annual family vacation at the same time


04/23/17 12:59 PM #8    


Thomas Reget

I'll be there. Looking forward to it.

04/23/17 08:55 PM #9    


Amy Harnisch (Hoffheins)

I will be there and can't wait to rock and roll!

04/24/17 12:28 PM #10    

Richard Green

I'll be there.  Waiting to see whether Patty can join me.

04/24/17 12:39 PM #11    


Susan Padesky (Heuslein)

I plan to attend with my husband Steve.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

04/24/17 12:47 PM #12    


Jean Roloff (Hanson)

I plan on coming with my husband Steve. Not sure if we'll make it both nights yet.

05/12/17 02:00 PM #13    


Dan Tudahl

Greetings, I plan to attend and look forward to catching up with everyone!  

05/15/17 10:49 PM #14    


Diane Roberts (Hutton)

I am happy to say that I plan to attend our reunion with my husband Randy. I can't wait to see everyone and catch up with everyone. We were a great group! I do get to LaCrosse a few times a year but spend most of my time here taking care of my Mom and visiting with my big family. See you all in July! love to all, Diane Roberts Hutton

05/16/17 10:13 AM #15    


Nancy Wilcox (Ramquist)

Corey and I are planning to attend, but we aren't sure if we'll be able to make it both Friday and Saturday.  We hope so!  Otherwise, we will be there for the Friday fun!  Looking forward to seeing everyone! 

06/01/17 07:12 PM #16    

Sandra Buchner (Alden)

Dear fellow classmates & friends, It is with a heavy heart, I am writing to you all. God is in the process of calling another classmate home. Our friend & classmate Nadine Suhr Troia was admitted to the Agrace Hospice Care Center in Madison. Nadine was diagnosed with gioblastoma about 2 1/2 years ago. she has fought very hard to beat this disease & has amazed her Drs. With her spunk. I had the blessed opportunity to visit & have a lunch date with her a few weeks ago & she amazed me with her Never give up attitude! But as we all know the time comes when God takes the wheel & this time is very near . Her family has set up a Caring Bridge account, so friends & loved ones can send their love  & well wishes & keep track of her condition. Her family gave me their permission to post the Caring Bridge Link & encourage all to add a post. Nadine is unable to speak, but she can hear & her family will read all posts to her. God Bless her & comfort her on this journey ❤️ Sandy Buchner Alden 






06/02/17 10:52 AM #17    

Chris Bracken

I will not be able to attend the reunion. Have fun and take plenty of pictures.

Chris Bracken


06/18/17 01:12 AM #18    

Josephine Bernier

Hi all!

Unfortunately,  I will not be able to attend as I will be flying to a conference in Indianapolis that Sunday. Linda and I had hoped we would be able to join in the fun. Hopefully we can join you all at the next one!


06/18/17 09:24 PM #19    

Jane Franke (Holland)

I was planning on attending the reunion but I was recently cast as the role Dolly in a local Community Theatre production of "Hello Dolly". 😊 Tech rehearsal is the Sunday of reunion & right now things seem busy, so I do not want to commit to Saturday dinner.  I hope to at least get to LaCrosse on Friday night. Thank you!

07/13/17 03:21 PM #20    


Nancy Wilcox (Ramquist)

I was hoping to see everyone this weekend, but now we're not going to be able to make it again this year!  I need to fly out to Denver for a conference and have to leave Saturday. 

I'm sure hoping I'll be there for the 45th!  (Maybe I'll be retired by then - yay!) Have a good time everyone and post lots of pictures!  Nancy 

07/15/17 07:16 AM #21    

Maureen Grenisen

Hello everyone,

    It was great seeing everyone last night.  I have posted pictures from our Friday night gathering at Bluffside.  Unfortunately, they loaded with our 2012 reunion pictures.  If anyone can figure out how to separate them, feel free. I haven't been able to do it.


07/17/17 10:20 PM #22    

Karen Eeg (Boldon)

I just wanted to thank the reunion committee members for all their work in putting together our 40th.  I really appreciate that you give us this opportunity to connect with classmates.  It was a really nice time and you can see that in the pictures Reenie added to the website.  Thanks for taking all the great pictures Reenie.  You are designated the official class photographer!                                                                                                          Karen






07/21/17 06:33 PM #23    


Walter Rice

Great time had by all.  Much thanks to the organizers and everyone who attended.  Always sad to see it end.

Love, Wally

09/06/17 01:14 PM #24    

Linda Nelson (Cummiskey)

To our classmates who had Mrs Marie Kabat as a teacher at Cathedral.... She will be celebrating her 99th birthday later in September! Her friends are trying to find as many people as possible to send her a birthday card for this wonderful milestone. Sending it any time in September would be terrific, as it extends the celebration by her continuing to receive more and more cards smiley. Thanks in advance if you want to participate! Her address is 1927 Denton St.

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